What is a "radio friendly" record?

August 31, 2011

If you are wanting to get a record played on radio stations, it has to be "radio friendly". What this means is that your single must not have any foul language or derogatory terms. It has to be "clean". You can have one or two versions of your single. Perhaps one that is "dirty" and one that is "clean". Clubs and mix show DJ's will pump those dirty versions of your song. Keep in mind that radio will not play any record that has foul language in it at all.

More and more, radio is moving away from records that have references to drugs, sex and violence. Some radio stations are even asking for lyrics of the songs to make sure they are not sending out a message to their listeners that might create hate, abuse or drug use. You might be able to get some of these tunes played in clubs, but if you are looking for radio airplay - you can count that out. Radio will not play it.

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