Internet Commercial/IAP (Internet Audio Presentation)

Internet Audio Presentation (IAP)

Our signature IAP is the corner stone of MMI. Originally created for radio promotions, the IAP has become an Email marketing phenomenom. We have serviced many satisfied clients for over ten years with this effective marketing tool, always keeping it fresh and innovative.

Basic IAP

Production of the original IAP includes:
* Creation of your script
* Professional voice-over and music bed, mixed and mastered.
* Creation of flash or video including text/graphics of your artist edited to your voice-over music bed, including the hook of your artists's song
* Contact information for your artist or label (email or phone numbers) including any website or social network links
* A link for a broadcast quality MP3 download

Once your production is approved, MMI will blast your IAP via email to reporting BDS and Mediabase Program Directors, Music Directors, non-reporting and college markets, record pool/mix-show-dj's and a host of industry tastemakers.

Adjusted IAP

Production of an IAP with the addition of a one time text, picture or link adjustment.

Extended IAP

Production of an IAP with the addition of (1) one audio and (1) one text/graphic edit.

Full Campaign IAP

Production of an IAP that spans a (4) four week period of text and audio adjustments highlighting the weekly growth of the record.

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