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radio airplay

MMI's Record Promotions team will get your record played on radio stations across the country. Our years of experience have created strong bonds with program and music directors nationwide. Our MMI team cuts through and infiltrates where others cannot. Contact a Moses Media Inc. rep today to discuss a record promotions campaign that best fits your needs.

Record Promotions Package 1

This record promotions campaign runs for an 8 week period, with your record promoter working your single Monday thru Friday from 9am EST - 5pm EST throughout the 8 week campaign. This comprehensive package includes:

* Production and nationwide email blast of an IAP
* We will pitch your artist's song to a minimum of 100 non-reporting, Mediaguide and college radio stations
* Coordinate Radio Interviews
* Set up Station Drops
* Conduct radio airplay tracking
* Send daily email reports on promotions activity for your artist
* Weekly spreadsheets that itemize stations contacted and your spins status with each.

Record Promotions Package 2 (Indie Promotion)

This is an individualized radio campaign that targets and secures airplay exclusively on BDS and Mediabase radio stations. You will be provided with BDS and Mediabase reports twice a week that will track your record's progress. Your Indie Promotions representative can discuss the markets that are available and how soon your airplay will begin.

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